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18 April 2010 @ 12:50 pm
GOD I loved this movie! It was funny, smart and I loved every character in it. I watched it like milion times already, and I know almost all the lines! lol I was looking for some icons to wear, but I noticed that nobody made some, and that's a shame, since it is a great movie! I decided to make some and here is the result. The good thing is that I don't have much competition with those (that aren't that great!)
Tell me what you think and If/where I can find other icons PLEASE! If you haven't watched the movie yet, then... do it (and make many good icons!! LOL)

I'm rooting for the brain tumor!Collapse )
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20 February 2010 @ 08:09 pm
I loved episode 4, and in particular I loved Katie Fucking Fitch! LOL
Emily was lovely, but I've just realized how strong Katie is. She has to keep togheter every pieces of her family, and being the strongest one is not been easy for her! This are 22 icons focusing on Katie, Emily and Fitch family (that I LOVED, even if they have so many issues going on). Tell me what you think about my works and in particular about my new coloring! <3


I'm Katie fucking Fitch, who the fuck are you?!Collapse )

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05 December 2009 @ 11:25 am

Again: I'm not Brucas, I'm not Leyton, I'm not Brulian... I'm only team Breyton, ok? lol
Seriously, as I explained at the beginning of the video I don't hate brulian at all, I just hated the way he acted in the last episodes and listening to this song this video's idea came up in my mind. Let's not fight about this, it isn't necessary, ok? Thank you very much! =D

-I hate the biginning with the written, it is so slow.
- it's too short!
- there is a flash, I'm sorry.
- I love Brooke at 0:58!! Priceless!
- Finally... tell me that you did't screamed "Hell, yes!" when Brooke shoot the door at 1:12... well... I did! lol
27 November 2009 @ 10:04 pm

"Solo un padre" it's an italian movie I'm in love with. I watched it like milions of times and it still makes me cry like a baby. I always wanted to make a video, and here it is! ^^
25 November 2009 @ 09:16 pm

Please WATCH in HQ!

This video is completely silly, useless and bad done, so feel free to ignore. I made it as a jocke, since I felt very stupid being happy for my 100 subscribers. lol
I know that they are not many, but It's still a great goal for me. I used some of my favourite tv shows and movies and some of the "funnyest" characters to express what is in everyone mind, right now!! Haha.

Also I wanted to say thank you to all the people who commented/voted/faved my "This ain't a scene - cast" video. I'm not used to all this comments and I can't answear to anyone, but still THANK YOU! *__*
21 November 2009 @ 05:39 pm

Hey guys, I made a video of Glee with the Fall out boys' song "This ain't a scene it'a a damn arm race". I had fun working on it, and I really hope you'll laugh as much asI did watching it. Tell me what do you think if you want! <3
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I made this multifandom for the birthday of a friend of mine. The song is Breathe me by Sia and the characthers are Effy Stomen (Skins), Cassie Ainsworth (Skins), Peyton Sawyer (One tree hill) and Marissa Cooper (the O.C.). Tell me what do you think of it, if you want! <3
P.S. the banner sucks... I know!! lol
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24 October 2009 @ 08:19 pm
Thanks for the amazing coloring to lolixoxo
This is not a real video since it is very short and I used just one clip, but I needed to do it.
I'm watching Lost and I have to say that I felt in love with this series and I love basically all the characters.
I finished the first season and I think it was just amazing and so well done. Now I'm watching the second season, and even if for now I'm not loving it like the first one, I think that it is still good. What I liked about this second season is the first Jate kiss. I really wanted to make a music video, but I don't have many clips to work on at the moment and that's why I decided to make a video just with this scene. When I'll finish to watch all the seasons I'll definitely make a complete music video: for sure a Jate one, but also a cast one. I chose this song because it's my favourite song ever and I always wanted to use it for a music video, but I never had the chance to do it. The song is Candy by Paolo Nutini and in particular this is the instrumental version. Please tell me what you think about it, comments are love.

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28 August 2009 @ 06:19 pm
This is a video of mine about the 90210 character: naomi clark <3

02 August 2009 @ 07:26 pm
 I love this song and the first time I heard it I couldn't help to think about Skins. I made this video with both cast because I love them all, and I couldn't decide between the two. I made this video more than I month ago, but I had a lot of trouble with Sony Vegas and with Youtube so I couldn't upload it at the moment. The video maybe is too simple in the editing but I had exams when I made it and I couldn't spent lot of time working on it... I hope you'll like it anyway, and let me know what do you think! ^ ^

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