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08 April 2013 @ 06:29 pm
17 June 2011 @ 12:51 pm

Dianna is adorable, Cory is hilarious, Lea is talented, Naya is amazing, Chris is a genius etc, and that is what I tried to show in this video. The final part focuses on how close, humble and crazy they all are!

Lately I'm not really into TVshows, and I have to find inspiration for videos wherever it comes from. If you haven't watch "True Grit" do it, because it's one of the best movie of the year: Hailee Steinfeld and Jeff Bridges are two terrific actors and they both deserved the Oscar Nomination (even if Hailee wasn't a supporting rule IMO).

I made this video in a couple of days, and it's simple and bad edited, but I just needed to put togheter these lovely pictures of them. Tell me what you think!
21 October 2010 @ 08:06 pm

I  I love this cast, and wanted to make a video to show all the funny and sweet friendships that there are between all of them. I choose "Misread" because it's an amazing friendship song, and Kings of convenince are like my favourite band lately! Tell me if and what you liked, because I don't even know what to think about it, since quality is shit. I'm just happy that I finished it, because it was so hard to find all the clips and stuff and, also, because my computer and Sony Vegas are bitches!!! Hope you'll enjoy, and thanks for watching.
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Finally I finished a video, I can't believe it!! I was working on so many progects, but for lack of ispiration, I'm never been able to finish one. I recently discovered this show and it was SO worthed! I love it, it's become one of my favourite series ever.. after watching so many crappy shows I lost my hope that could exist one SO good, but luckily it does, and it is "United states of Tara" lol
it is smart, funny, original, brilliant, well done, and I love every character in it. My favourites maybe are Marshall and Kate, and their lovely relationship, and that's why I made this video. I'm pretty sure I'll make others videos since I love all the cast. It is too short I know, and pretty simple, but I worked on it just a couple of days and that's the result! ^^
29 May 2010 @ 10:53 am

I needed to wake up my Sony Vegas and to do it, I decided to make this video about a movie I loved and that I watched recently. Seriously, this movie is SO good and completely different from what you could expect..apart for the amazing direction and script, I felt in love for this two, and I cried so f*cking much from the beginning till the very end. The video is very simple, the song is not famous at all but it's lovely, in my opinion, and it fits them pretty well.

I hate myself because I start a video with the goodest intention, but after a while I get bored and I have rush to end it up. That's why the ending it's so lame, even worst than the beginning! lol

I don't know what happens with the sound at 1.15 , I'm sorry about that! =(
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