Sometimes I think I was born backwards.

The people I should love, I hate, and the people I hate...

6 June
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Hi my name is Giulia, but you can call me October. ^ ^
I'm 18 years hold and I'm Italian, so probably you will see some mistakes in my english, I'm sorry about that. LOL I love listening my Ipod, I could do it for hours. I like some different kind of music, from rock,pop,to classic. My favourite artists are: Muse, Subways, Paramore,Evanescence,Green Day, Beatles, Ludovico Einaudi, Giovanni Allevi but also Carrie Underwood, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Linking Park, Smashing pumkins, Sum 41, One Republic and a lot more. I have fan making icons and video about my favourite TVShows, which are: One tree hill, Skins, Heroes, Gossip Girl, Gilmore Girls and Popular. I love reading, and I love above all Italo Calvino and almost all english novels. When I start to read it's hard for me to stop, basically just like when I'm online. LOL
Little curiosity: I'm learnig to play guitar, but, for now, I'm not so good! :( xD